Final Fantasy XV Guide To Cheats, Tips And Tricks: The Best And Hidden Secrets To The Game That FFXV Won’t Tell You

Final Fantasy XV Guide To Cheats, Tips And Tricks: The Best And Hidden Secrets To The Game That FFXV Won’t Tell You
Final Fantasy XV has full of secrets that can help you play the game better. Photo : Final Fantasy XV/YouTube

As a huge game, Final Fantasy XV is bound to keep some very important secrets. Some of these secrets can help you find some tips and even do some cheats into the game. But not to worry though. FFXV may not tell you everything you need to know but we will.

Final Fantasy XV Secrets And Cheats

If you are playing Final Fantasy XV at the moment, then you are more likely familiar with the two demos released for Square Enix's newest title. Remember the Platinum demo? That one holds new unlockables in FFXV that you may not know. The Duscae Demo, on the other hand, has some secret weapons that need showing. You were once advised not to stay out so late in the night. But there's a way how you can avoid those vicious Daemons on the road. All that and more is what you will find out in this post.

Avoid Respawning Daemons When Driving On The Road

Daemons are no friend of your team in Final Fantasy XV. These villains are vicious and they would tear apart your team if you don't pay careful attention to what we will say here. So yeah, we'll stick to the advice that you do not stay out late WALKING on the road. You can avoid these unwanted daemons - as long as you're driving.

Keep your eye on the red bar as an indication of incoming daemons. Instead of confronting them, make a quick U-turn and be as far back as you can so they will not be able to attack. Instead of respawning, daemons will despawn once you get control of Noctis. Exit the car, then go back again. This time, you will be able to drive past the daemons without worrying about them attacking you or your team.  

Collect More Recipes For Ignis

You may not be aware of it but recipes for Ignis are one of the greatest collectibles to get in Final Fantasy XV. The more recipes you have, the more you can accomplish into FFXV since you always need to eat. Recipes are hidden just about anywhere from books to purchased recipes. You can also upgrade Ignis' Cooking skill in the Ascension Grid. Defeating enemies will also earn you recipes as well as observing people eating nearby or through eating restaurant food.

Find The Radiant Sword And Shiny Hammer

The Platinum demo of Final Fantasy XV holds two more weapons that would make a great addition to your arsenal - the Radiant Sword and the Shiny Hammer. To find the Radiant Sword, go to the toy room and head to the stack of articles near the dining room to find the present panel. Reach the panel by using the bridge of books having a playing card at the end. Drop down to get the Radiant Sword. The Shiny Hammer is located under the panel found inside the alley. You can find it in the center of the outdoor dream sequence located in the middle plaza.

Get Oracle Ascension Coins Get Powerful And Rare Items Later

Oracle Ascension Coins are part of FFXV's main story. As a commodity, these coins are precious. But maybe you're not aware just how precious they are. Find as many Oracle Ascension Coins that you can in corners of outposts, dungeons and any other places. There will be a merchant at a later part of the game that collects this type of coins and will give you incredibly powerful and rare items that you won't find yourself in exchange. It's a great barter so keep all the Oracle Ascension Coins that you can into the game.

Get The Chobham Armor At Furloch Farms

The Chobham Armor helps you increase your firearm resistance in Final Fantasy XV as a great bulletproof accessory. You can find this item in Furloch Farms. The farm is located in the south of Cauthess Coernix Station Outpost, also well-known in the map as the Saxham Outpost, in Duscae. The right corner of the farm has  a building with an awning on it. Jump on the low crate that is just below the awning and move it slightly to find the secret Chobham Armor - no secret anymore now that you found it.

Get The Hero's Shield And Hidden Cross Shuriken In The Final Boss Battle Arena

In the Platinum demo of Final Fantasy XV, two special and powerful weapons - the Hero's Shield and the Hidden Cross Shuriken - are hidden in the battle arena with the final boss. You have to have the adult warp power of Noctis to get these two weapons and you have to wait until the fight begins. When it does, climb the highest central point of the tower in the battle arena then drop down. There is a panel there where you need to warp in mid-flight before you can find both weapons.

The Shuriken is the only one unlocked this time. To get this weapon, you have to beat the final boss first. Use the monster-face panel located at the plaza's far end so you can restart the boss battle. This time, you can get the Shield by repeating the whole process of going to the same place and once again defeating the final boss.

Imperials Will Always Come

Whether you like it or not, there is a certain event in FFXV that will cause Imperials - or those gunships full of soldiers - to always come after you. There is no specific time as to when these guys will show up. They will just show up any time they want. As you progress through the game, you will notice that the reinforcements will become heavier. Our advice? Duck and take cover. Better yet, run!

Talk To Cid

Cid is the Mechanical Whiz of Final Fantasy XV and he will become your best friend if you want to upgrade your weapons. That is, gear that has  a + symbol means that Cid can upgrade it. In return, you have to give him certain types of treasure like a piece of metal scraps that you probably found in the wild or some exotic treasure that you got after fighting off some beasts.

If you have such an upgradeable weapon, talk to Cid. He can upgrade your weapons in a way that you can use it long after it has become useful. Take for example Noctis' Engine Blade. From a 28 attack, Cid can bring it to 40 Attack as an Engine Blade II and a whopping 207 attack by upgrading it to Engine Blade III. So I hope you get why being friendly with Cid is very, very important.

Unlock And Personally Name The Astral Carbuncle

Carbuncle is one of the Astrals that has appeared in various Final Fantasy titles. This powerful and damaging astral comes as young Noctis' companion in the Platinum demo of Final Fantasy XV. Once you finish the Platinum demo, you will have the privilege to name Carbuncle and summon it using the new name you gave it. Carbuncle may be the smallest of all known Astrals and may look like a cute rabbit with giant ears and a ruby horn on its head, but he can appear in both open world and dungeon to heal Noctis when he happens to be in critical condition.

Unlock Floor Panels To Access More Powerful Gifts And Magic

Another secret that you can unlock in the Platinum demo are the floor panels. By using the Dream Shards, you can unlock several floor panels to unlock attacks and powerful abilities like Fireworks, Meteorain and Thunderbolt. The Dream Shards can be farmed from enemies, corridors behind books, behind trees, under toy blocks or corners that are out of the way. Just be careful that you do not take a hit from an enemy or Dream Shard stock will be reduced.

Use Catalysts Make Spells More Powerful

If you wish to design your own spell and make it even more powerful, try to add and experiment different catalysts. These are additional items like you can blend with your spell to make it even more powerful. You can choose these items from consumables, treasures, weapons or armor to make incredible combos and come up with new spell effects. Phoenix Downs for multicasts spells and Gold Needle that provides an instant kill are just some of the examples of spells that you can craft when you use catalysts.  

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