Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Create The Most Powerful Spells

One of the reasons why 'Final Fantasy XV' is an exciting game to play is because of its Elemancy system where players can make powerful spells and use in the game. And this article will serve as a guide for players to learn some of the best spells in the game like Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga.

First and foremost, players must have a Magic Flask where they will create their spell and keep it there. The number of flask increases as the player progresses through the game. Each player will be able to have 5 flask and players can keep the spells they create in it.

How to Make Thundaga, Blizzaga, and Firaga in 'Final Fantasy XV'?

To start making powerful spells, players must choose an empty Magic Flask and add 99 of their element in it. For players that have already unlocked several potency buffs, they will be able to create better spells with lesser requirements. But for those that haven't yet, they will need 99 of their element and a few rare items.

The spell Firaga, Fira or Fire completely relies on the Potency section as players create the spell. All three base spells, Thunder, Fire, and Blizzard can be created with any element below 100. Any spell created with 100 Potency will get the player Blizzara, Thundara, and Fira. If players have other elements, it will help boost the spell in some way.

Then to further boost a spell, players will need the rarest items to make the potency go up. For example, a Potency of 205 will finally get the strongest spell Thundara, Fira, and Blizzard.

How to Further Boost the Power of the Spell in 'Final Fantasy XV'?

To further boost up a spell, players can add items like Quadcast, Dual Cast, Tricast, and Quintcast. These items can multiply the power up to 5 times. For instance, players can add Magitek Booster to an already powerful spell and it will get a Quintcast buff or 5x more powerful spell in just one strike in 'Final Fantasy XV.'

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