Fake Apple Chargers Unsafe Study Shows

Owners of Apple devices are advised to steer clear of fake chargers. Investigations on the fake products revealed that they are not safe.

Using fake electronic devices or gadgets is never ever a good thing because one can never be sure of the quality of such items. Now, investigators have finally confirmed what many have been thinking about - fake chargers are dangerous.

Trading Standards asked the said investigators to look into counterfeit Apple chargers and the results were staggering. BBC reported that the study revealed that 99 percent of the fake chargers tested were potentially fatal. The study involved 400 pieces of knockoff Apple chargers that were being sold around the world by third-party retailers both online and from physical stores.

UL, the safety specialists who conducted the tests, found that only 3 of the 400 fake chargers were insulated properly. The three had enough insulation to protect anyone who holds it from potentially getting electrocuted.

"In total, we tested 400 adapters and the results were literally shocking. The overall failure rate exceeded 99 percent. All but three failed our basic safety tests and were fire and shock hazards. Twelve were so poorly designed and constructed that they posed a risk of lethal electrocution to the user."

According to BGR, the Apple device will be fried when a power surge occurs while the user is charging his or her device with a fake charger. While that is the most probable consequence of using the knockoffs, there will always be the possibility that it may cause fire or shock the user. This brings to mind the Samsung fiasco in which its Galaxy Note 7 went up in smoke due to faulty batteries. In Samsung's case, however, the batteries were authentic and were tested by the company itself.

The proliferation of counterfeit chargers can be traced to the high price Apple charges for its chargers. Each authentic Apple charger costs $19 while the cable is also worth $19. While it is completely understandable why some iPhone users prefer knockoffs, that is still no excuse to risk one's safety.

To tell the difference between fakes and authentic Apple accessories, visit this page.

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