Final Fantasy XV Guide To Swords Locations And Stats

Final Fantasy XV brings back a bunch of its old swords. However, they're not what they used to be the Square Enix offers you some enhancements and modifications with them. Here's a guide on where to find some of these swords, their new stats and how they can be used on your advantage.


Broadsword can be obtained right at the beginning of the game from Cullness munitions shop in Hammerhead. It is one of the weakest swords in the game and has no special abilities. It sports 42 Attack Power. Broadsword adds up to 6 to MP.

Rune Saber

Rune Saber can be obtained once you reach Lastallum. Look for the merchant near the power plant after completing the Stroll for Two side mini-quest. Nothing's stellar about this sword but decent stat boost. It has 103 Attack Power. Broadsword adds up to 48 to HP, 8 to MP, 8 to Vitality, 12 to Magic and 9 to Spirit.

Flame Tongue

Flame Tongue is a fire-oriented sword with the most varied skins. It is one of the most powerful early-game swords which deals fire damage with physical attacks. You can get this from Lastallum for 560 gil and sell it for 280 only. It has 117 Attack Power. Flame Tongue adds up to 7 to MP and 28 to fire resistance.

Engine Blade

Engine Blade is your default weapon which you already have since the beginning of the game. You take advantage of its power by upgrading it. It has 28 Attack Power. Engine Blade adds up to 5 to MP and 5 to Magic.

Engine Blade II

Engine Blade II is the upgrade version which will require the Glass Gemstone. You have to beat the boss at Crestholm Channels for it to drop this item. You can find it as well inside a building near the lighthouse south west of Cape Caem. It sports 42 Attack Power. Engine Blade II adds up to 15 MP and 12 to Magic.

Engine Blade III

Unleash the fullest potential of your Engine Blade by upgrading it to level 3. You'll need the Sturdy Helixhorn to upgrade this sword. You can get it after beating "The Last Spiracorns" boss. It has 207 Attack Power. Engine Blade III adds up to 25 to MP and 18 to Magic.

Phantom Sword

Phantom Swords are very powerful weapon which you can look around King's Graves. It consumes HP for every attack. It's unique for its Shift Break ability which changes itself to any type of Phantom Sword. You can summon this weapon and use Phantom Link to call out the cooperative technique of your squad.

Ice Brand

Ice Brand is an ice-oriented sword which can deals with ice elemental damage with physical attacks. It can also auto-cast the Blizzard spell with each attack. You can usually find this around Lastallum. Although it is the counterpart to Flame Tongue, Ice Brand is way more powerful. It has 137 Attack Power. Ice Brand adds up to 10 to MP and 31 to ice resistance.

Blood Sword

Blood Sword is known to have low hit-rate, but its greatest advantage lies on its ability to absorb damage as HP for the user when inflicting blows against the enemy. It also has the ability to reverse effect when attacking an enemy-damaging the character and healing the monster. It has 193 Attack Power. Blood Sword can add up to 11 to MP.


Durandal is one of the most powerful weapons available in Final Fantasy XV. It has a whopping 232 Attack Power. Durandal can add up to 11 to MP and 33 to dark resistance.

Soul Saber

Soul Saber absorbs damage as MP for the user when they inflict damage against the enemy. It is one of the early-game weapons that exhaust MP when attacking with it. It has a strong 343 Attack Power. Soul Saber adds up to 12 to MP.

Ultima Blade

Ultima Blade is the weaker version of the Ultima Weapon. As a sword though, it is never weak with its 364 Attack Power. Ultima Blade adds up to 40 to MP and 30 to Magic.


Balmung is the strongest of all swords in Final Fantasy XV so far. It boasts a whopping 446 Attack Power. Balmung adds up to 11 to MP.

Blazefire Saber / Blaze Edge

Blazefire Saber or Blaze Edge is gunblade which you can get as a bonus weapon for Noctis if you buy Final Fantasy XV from 7-Eleven's online shop on Japan or as a pre-order bonus at Amazon in the U.S. it has 71 Attack Power. Blazefore Saber adds up to 9 to MP and 18 to Vitality.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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