Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: Which Pokemon Is Difficult To Own?

Tyrogue has an alternate evolution that goes by the name of Hitmontop. Tyrogue can evolve into Hitmonchan to Hitmonlee and eventually to Hitmontop. However, this evolution comes with it a trick that would just let Tyrogue and Hitmontop to be added into the game, thus allowing Tyrogue to evolve using only candy. It can be noted also that GBA games can add a rare characteristic to a Pokemon.

It can be seen in the Generation 2 that there are few young Pokemons that are breeding. In the GBA games, there is a trainer that is named Kiyo that is an expert in training fighting Pokemon. Once Kiyo is defeated, he gives a Tyrogue. To have Tyrogue evolve into a Hitmontop, it needs even stats for Attack and Defense.

Both Attack and Defense should have equal values; otherwise, you will lose your chance of it evolving. There are also cases when the stats are equal, yet there is only 60-70% chance that it will work, thus this is a challenging method of evolving such worthy Pokemon.

It is suggested that Hitmontop should be given great CP stats through buffing alternately Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee so that the value for Hitmontop will be higher. Tyrogue could be introduced in two ways, one is through a special event and the other one is by randomly looking for Tyrogue with the use of the new tracking system, as reported by Otakukart.

Upon doing this, it should be expected that all Hitmontop spawns should be eliminated or make all of them very rare. In this manner, it can be figured out whether Tyrogue will have even stats through the utilization of the Pokemon Appraisal system. All of the above suggestions could be taken into consideration, or it can just be added to Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan as it spawns for those who are lazy.


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