Resident Evil 7 Update: Where Do These Monsters Come From?

Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil 7 players will encounter supernatural enemies as teased in their trailer which exhibited the game's primary character. It can be noticed in the video that the main character had a short interaction to a combination of hideous creatures from the past series. Its video game publisher and developer have already revealed its release date, and details regarding the creatures will also be expected to appear in the game.

It can be seen that some of the creatures are actually products of failed experiments from the Baker family. Resident Evil 7 revealed this idea from its early coverage since journalists were allowed an estimated time of four hours to experience playing the demo version provided to them by Capcom. The monsters were unofficially labeled as "Molded" since the creatures looked lanky and jittery inside the main house's basement and eventually they were transported into a sub-section of the area which was referred to as the processing site.

Even if the Molded monsters in Resident Evil 7 are only products of the Bakers' unsuccessful experiments, they are quite tough ones. It takes a generous amount of handgun shots before they can actually be killed. Its developers are also quite pervasive in making the series return into its original horrifying mode, thus they are giving life again to items such as green herbs. Ammunition supplies might be scarce in this game, thus players should shoot on-point just to save up on their bullets, according to Gamerant.

Resident Evil 7 will take you back to where everything started and when players are actually given the challenge of being helpless amidst overwhelming scenarios. The player will play as an unprepared person that is critically equipped in facing the hardest of all odds.


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