Final Fantasy XV Guide: 3 Skills That Will Benefit Players The Most

Final Fantasy XV players would definitely want to find out what skills will benefit them the most. Here are the guides to skills that will help the players with the game.

The Techniques Tree

This skill in Final Fantasy XV is believed to be used in nearly every battle. For Two tech bars, Ignis is going to rally the party around him to restore HP and bring any characters in the Danger status out of any trouble. It also works well to get everyone in one place to use the magic without having to hurt the player's allies.

The Enhancement

The skill is best used in Final Fantasy XV with the Wait Mode and the Libra scanning ability that allows Ignis to fill Noctis' weapon with any element that weakens the enemy. It is also used to make a dent in the HP of a huge baddie by racking up the orange damage numbers.

The First Aid

This skill in Final Fantasy XV is ideal for early game when the HP is low and that even the basic healing items seem to be expensive. It also allows the player to restore 20 percent of their HP without using an item. However, each player can only use the skill on themselves.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XV brings a ton of new experiences all the series. However, there is one feature that is believed to stand out, the night mode. Although day gives safe haven from the dark-lurking monsters, the nighttime is when the demons and beasts show up. Final Fantasy XV's day and night cycle has been a popular element in video games, but reports suggest that Final Fantasy XV will make the players want to stay inside  or camp out for the night. Watch Final Fantasy XV (15) - Best Ascension Skills and How to Earn AP

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