Pokemon Go News, Update: 3 Biggest Things To Happen On Dec. 20 Christmas Event Kick-Off

Pokemon Go game developer Niantic plans to release their latest Christmas event that is believed to change the game itself. According to reports, Pokemon Go character Snorlax, Articuno and Mewto are expected to be captured much easier, and that 100 new additional Pokemon will be unleashed.

The "Pokemon Go" Christmas event is believed to be much bigger compared to the Halloween update in November and the Thanksgiving. If rumors are true, the Pokemon Go update will likely run for a week - from Dec. 20 to 27.

Pokemon Characters Appearance

Given that Ditto has been released, the Pokemon Go Christmas update is also expected to show other Pokemon like Starnie, Staryu, Seel, Snorlax and Dewgong. Considering that winter is all about the ice and cold, many believe that it is only ideal for the Christmas event to show the ice types of Pokemon.

Mewtwo Release

Early reports reveal that Pokemon Go's pre-launch advertisement included the release of Mewtwo in Time Square. The advertisement reportedly featured a group of people watching Mewtwo as he fights his opponent, leading all the players to finally catch Mewtwo.

Additional New Pokemon

Moreover, reports also suggest that Articuno may likely follow and be released in Jan. 1, then followed by Zapdos, which may be released in Jan. 2, while Moltres could be released in Jan. 3.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go players will be thrilled to know that a recently released update will revert back the rewards to their original level after the numerous complaints from competitive fans following the change in November.

As confirmed by Niantic via Twitter, the Prestige earned when training at friendly Gyms has been reverted back. That said, the rumored Friday night update has eventually made to it to Pokemon Go, which is said to be a major news for the Pokemon Go players that committed themselves to raising their Pokemon at the gyms. 


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