Nintendo Switch Vs PlayStation 4 Pro: Price Beats Graphics

The Nintendo Switch's price is the focal subject of intense rumor and speculation ahead of the console's upcoming March 2017 release date. According to one analyst, Nintendo will try to compete with the PlayStation 4 by giving the Nintendo Switch a similar $249 price tag. Many analysts believe that the Switch can't justify a price that is above $299, which is the current price for the Xbox One S unless it's more powerful than them, which doesn't seem likely with its Tegra chipset.

The right Price for the Switch

With that being said, many believe that the price for the Switch has to be between $199 and $299, with below $200 being a magical price point. Though it is less likely to be below $200, that point it will certainly fly off the shelves. But overall, $249 is definitely the right price. Going above it is going to be unlikely. As per reports, it's the most realistic and reasonable price tag for the Switch.

The Switch official announcement

Nintendo has already said that it would officially announce the Nintendo Switch's price, a list of games, and a more accurate release date during their upcoming special event in Tokyo on January 13, 2017. While it's not yet confirmed when the event will take place, speculations are believing that it will take place on the 12th of January.

Exact Price and release date

Despite rumored fear that the console might be delayed, Nintendo has already confirmed a March 2017 release date for the Nintendo Switch, despite the exact date will still be announced in January. In terms of the Nintendo Switch price, Analyst Paul Jackson makes his statement, claiming that $250-$280 would be the perfect price.

Price beats graphics

He also mentioned that with a very reasonable price, people would lean on towards the Switch more than any other console since its Nintendo. That would mean with a reasonable price tag, the Switch could potentially beat the graphics-focused consoles like the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio

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