Turkey Is Next? WikiLeaks Publishes Thousands Of Controversial Emails From Erdogan´s Son-In-Law Berat Albayrak

The radical transparency organization WikiLeaks have released 57,000 personal emails from President Recep Ergodan son-in-law and Minister of Oil Berat Albayrak, in which it is showed his big influence in Turkey´s political scene as many other delicate subjects related to his father´s regime, as the relationships with terrorist group ISIS.

Berat Albayrak Is Related To The Company Implicated In ISIS Oil Imports

According to Oil Price, these emails from Berat Albayrak personal account revealed his correspondence regarding the company Powertrans, which has been implicated in oil imports from the terrorist group´s oil fields. Although Erdogan´s government banned any form of oil transportation in 2011, Wikileaks revealed that this law was applied to everyone except Powertrans, which was the only company who was allowed it to do it.

In addition to this delicate issue, the emails of Berat Albayrak also revealed the government´s attempts to control the press and social media, which has been one of the most criticized details about Erdogan´s regime, considering that freedom of speech is almost inexistent in Turkey because of the consequences that suffer any group that disseminate an information that doesn't fit the ruling coalition´s interests.

Julian Assange Demanded Free Media And The Internet For Turkish People

Giving this situation, it was reported that WikiLeaks strongly criticized this issue, and detailed that a number of emails from Berat Albayrak account show that since the Gezi Park protest in 2013, the AKP has invested in controlling the social media, including actions like hiring people to work on Twitter in order to influence the messaging on the network.

Also, the non-profit organization´s leader Julian Assange stated that Turkey´s people need free internet and free media, and that the government is only eliminating critics by jailing journalist restrict the internet access to the citizens and shut down media, which doesn't do anything else that harm Turkish institutionalism.

Apparently, Berat Albayrak´s emails were sourced from Redhack, which is a Turkish hacktivist group that previously claimed to have obtained his emails and threatened him to release each one of them if the regime continued to arrest the opposition. Although some of the emails were actually published by this group, the regime eventually eliminated from the internet.

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