Persona 5 Update: New Trailer Highlights The Introduction Of Futaba Sakura

Atlus has finally revealed the next member of the Phantom Thieves named Futaba Sakura. She was formally introduced via the new trailer that was just released recently and was voiced by Erica Lindbeck. Futaba was identified as the hacker of the group and supports them all the way similar to what Fuuka and Rise did on Persona 3 and Persona 4 respectively.

According to the report from Gematsu, Futaba is known as a hikkimori, who prefers to stay inside and interact with variety of people and the world through the internet. She is gifted with incredible technology skills, which she uses to communicate with the protagonists of Persona 5. Her persona is Necronomicon.

Based on the report from Siliconera, Futaba Sakura's voice actress Erica Lindbeck was being interviewed by Atlus PR Manager, John Hardin. The interview lasted for four minutes which talked about her thoughts regarding the new character of the game. Meanwhile, Futaba will now join the previously introduced roster of heroes of Persona 5. This roster includes Ann, Ryuji, Morgana, Makoto and Yusuke.

Meanwhile, Atlus has also released yesterday three new video trailers intended for the introduction of the newest Confidants that is to be added on the game. These three latest confidants will play a big role to the game's protagonists as they will be able to grant players additional assistance through their respective services.

As reported, the main protagonist will be the only one who can access and converse with these confidants. Players will start to build a bond with these respective characters in order to be granted access to their services that would greatly benefit the group.

By successfully befriending them all, players will receive access to a free clinic where the group can heal themselves privately during battles, a recipe on both curry and coffee for restoration party's SP and access to the finest gun shop across Tokyo.

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