Why 2016 Is The Tipping Point Of Microsoft's Xbox?

2016 will be looked back upon as probably a tipping point for the Xbox One, according to the platform holder. The console has found itself firmly in 2nd place in all areas around the world and has largely failed to pose a threat on Sony and it's ever dominant PlayStation 4 console.

The Xbox One S is the saving grace for Microsoft

However, ever since the summer and the launch of the Xbox One S in particular, Microsoft has enjoyed some positive momentum going forward. Xbox One has been the best-selling console in certain markets, which includes the UK, Australia, and the U.S. since August, and the firm expects this surge to continue.

The Xbox One S has been appealing

"Ever since launch, the Xbox One S is Britain's best-selling console in 2016," Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK's marketing director, said in a recent interview. "I place that down to a combination of things. First, it is a great console with a great design, and the 4K feature is resonating very strongly. We currently have a great selection of console bundles for those buying for the very first time - particularly with FIFA, Battlefield, and Minecraft as the main options.

Other bundles to look forward to

Eagle strongly thinks that the Xbox One S have a great exclusive line-up again this year. Forza Horizon 3 is a great, highly-rated upcoming game, and Gears of War 4 is another great exclusive title. "And with all of that at a price that has opened us up to being more appealing to more families than ever before."

Microsoft is in hot pursuit

When it comes to the gaming industry, momentum is really important since it gives confidence to retailers, publishers and to the consumers as well. The Xbox One S is giving them the confidence that they have made a right point in choosing the said console. So overall, though 2016 sees Xbox currently at the 2nd option for buyers, with the growing popularity of the Xbox One S, it won't take long for Microsoft to overtake Sony.

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