Sony Announces 'Project Field', A Modern Way To Play Card Games

Sony is hoping to change the way kids today play card games with Project Field. This system uses a specially built pad, goes by the same name as the company, that communicates to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The said device is installed with an IC reader, a bunch of sensors, LED for effects, and Bluetooth for communicating to the mobile device when compatible games are activated.

On the Project Field pad, players can move their cards and it will correspond to a game action. Similar technology have already surfaced in Japanese arcades using IC-based card games for a bunch of years now, the addition of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as part of their functionality put Sony as pioneer to the idea. It gives an impression of a new experience.

Japan Only

The current technology only exists in Japan and there is no news of it being launched worldwide. This could be a huge hit when it becomes hype as parents nowadays are getting more and more concerned about their kids having too much time with video games. Sony is yet to make a breakthrough when it comes to revolutionizing a concept.

A bit of History

A so-called card game is played with a bundle or pack of playing cards. These cards should be identical in shape, size, and width so that when turned down players can't tell apart which is which, only the front sides have different content, at least this is the norm. Front faces can also be duplicates.

In some games, it would require several sets of cards shuffled into one group and played together. The first deck of cards appeared during the Tang dynasty, China, in the 9th century. Throughout time, ideas have been piling up with card games which include betting on them.

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