How The 'Occulus Rift' Is Helping The 'PlayStation VR'?

The Oculus Rift simply blew away most of the people who donned the Virtual Reality headgear when it officially debuted just over 9 months ago. Yet for all the awesomeness that many have experienced immersing themselves inside a graphically-rich 360-degree VR environment, the reality was that the Facebook-owned company left a void on its popularity.

Something lacking for the Rift

What this void is? Well, it would most definitely be the absence of Touch controllers that would let the user literally lend a virtual hand to the games and other VR experiences that they engage in. It was a key reason why some VR enthusiasts preferred the rival HTC Vive system or Sony's PlayStation VR.

Touch controllers have finally arrived

For its part, though, the Rift comes with an Xbox controller and a palm-sized remote. With that, it's safe to say that the Rift has helped other VR devices like the PlayStation VR get some much-needed attention. However, Oculus' long-delayed Touch controllers have finally hit the market just this Tuesday, and according to a lot of experts checking them out for the very first time had this to say: they earn an enthusiastic thumbs up.

New controllers will make OR even better

Thanks to these new sensors that will track your hand movements and gestures, the Touch controllers will not enable you to wield a sword, unleash a slingshot, cast a fishing rod, pick up objects and do even more activity inside the various apps that exploit the technology.

It comes with a bargain for money

However, the controllers don't come cheap. They cost about $199 for a pair, which is on top of the $599 price tag that the Oculus Rift currently costs. And you will typically spend another grand or even more if you don't already own the kind of high-tier personal computer that the Oculus Rift requires.

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