Will The Samsung 'Galaxy S8' Imitate The 'iPhone 8' Design And Functionality?

According to several online reports, Samsung could also be on the verge of planning to ditch the headphone jack on its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. If so, it would definitely force users to adopt to wireless headphones, or potentially utilize a USB Type-C compatible pair, if that's what the new handset will use for charging.

Samsung to follow Apple's tracks

The latter is what Samsung fan site SamMobile believes will be happening when the Galaxy S8 is officially unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in 2017. Moreover, the said site claims that Samsung will also be removing the home button from its next smartphone.

Will it be worth it?

By eliminating these two features, Samsung could potentially make their upcoming smartphone sturdier, as well as likely improving waterproofing, along with keeping the casing slim. But it will also likely annoy a huge number of people who rely on the 3.5mm headphone jack and the standardized home button.

The growing Global trend

Apple wasn't the first major smartphone manufacturer to remove the headphone jack, but the decision caused the biggest dilemma when the iPhone 7 was revealed. 3rd party manufacturers have raced to offer wireless headphones and phone cases that resolved the issue.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Samsung is believed to be including several new changes and features to the Samsung Galaxy S8 in a huge effort to provide a direct hit product right after its global Note 7 recall crisis. Early rumors have already suggested that the phone will be featured with a curved edge-to-edge display and some stereo speakers.

More rumors coming soon

The upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 will kick off on February 27, 2017, and will likely give us our first official look at the Samsung Galaxy S8. In the meantime, you can definitely look forwards to all the latest rumors on the Galaxy S8 as time flies by.

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