Samsung Galaxy S7 Phones Are Now Exploding, Says Mechanic Owner

Samsung's nightmare isn't over just yet. After slowly moving on from their disastrous Note 7, recent reports have pointed out to a Winnipeg man claiming to have been burned not by the Galaxy Note 7, but by a device that's been one of the most steady devices that Samsung has right now: the Galaxy S7. Amarjit Mann said that while he was driving in Winnipeg Sunday morning, he started to feel something warm in his pocket. He took out the Galaxy S7 out in his pocket and instantly, the device exploded right away in his hands.

Mann's story

Mann, who was a mechanic, told the Winnipeg Sun that he had suffered burns on his hands and a spark from the smartphone hit his face just under the eye. He then went to the hospital to have his burns treated and was told by doctors that his wounds would take up to nine days to fully heal. "I never had such a bad burn in my life," he said in an interview.

Samsung comments on the incident

"We are unable to comment on any alleged incident without having an opportunity to obtain and analyze the product," a Samsung spokesperson said in a recent statement. "Our Customer's safety will always be our first priority and we will always be committed to reaching out to any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to address the customer's concerns."

A recall on the Note 7 failure

The issue comes just weeks after Samsung announced that it will now discontinue production for the Galaxy Note 7, a smartphone the company released in August this year in hopes of countering Apple's iPhone 7. Not before long, though, that some owners reported that the smartphone was overheating and, in some cases, exploding. Samsung then issued a recall and claimed that its second set of Note 7 devices would be safe. However, similar reports surfaced with that batch, requiring Samsung to ultimately discontinue the smartphone altogether.

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