Overwatch News: A Streamer Plays Mei Using A Hair Dryer And Ouija Board

From D.Va Pilot Sticks, Winston Banana controllers, Hanzo Nerf Bow and now to Mei Hair Dryer, it appears that Overwatch streams are filled with creative minds that go beyond the boundary of common logic. Today, a streamer shows how you can freeze your opponents using your ordinary hair dryer and a simple Ouija board. Let's take a look.

Overwatch: Mei Hair Dryer and Ouija Board Controllers

SSB ATwerkingYoshi is famous for creating unusual controllers to play his favorite games. In the past several months, he has demonstrated in a couple of his videos how you can make in-game achievements such as player and boss kills using dance pads and other typical home appliances and equipment. And today, Super Srub Brothers is back for more fun and delights as they show us how to play Mei using a simple Hair Dryer and Ouija Board.

In the video above, you can see how the streamer controls Mei using the Ouija Board which was programmed to function as your basic WASD movement. The Hair Dryer is then programed to serve as both your primary and secondary fire buttons as well as activating several of Mei's abilities including her Cryo-Freeze.

This isn't the first time that Super Scrub Brothers has made an unconventional Overwatch controller as last week, they demonstrated how you can play Soldier 76 using the Wii Zapper. You can check their channel here.

In other news, players are now having fun while using the car tricks in the new Oasis Map. In the latest PTR update, Blizzard tweaked the cars wherein you can now hop over it to give you a nice boost without actually dying instantly. Here's several of the Oasis Car Tricks you can do in the current Overwatch PTR.

What do you think of the Super Scrub Brothers' feat? Do you think it can compete against Rudeism's controllers? Share your opinions in the comments down below!

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