4 Sony PlayStation Games Coming To Your Smartphones

In March, Sony announced that it is forming a new company to build an audience in the smartphone market. The company called ForwardWorks Studio is dedicated to create full-fledged mobile games that will attract PlayStation gamers to the mobile platform. With that in mind, Sony is proud to announce that it is bringing four new PlayStation games to mobile phones.

The first game that is set for release on iOS and Android is the golf-themed game called "Everyone's Golf." According to ForwardWorks, its target release date is Spring 2017.

The second game in the list is Dash! Action Puzzle. This puzzle game is popular on PlayStation and PlayStation Portable which is based on a popular TV series called "Yu Namama." The said game will be released in the summer of 2017 both for Android and iOS.

Two other games that are set for release next year are Ark: The Rad and Wild Arms. Ark is a role-playing game while Wild Ar Arms is a fantasy game. Sony has not yet confirmed the specific release date of the game and on what operating system it will be released.

Other games that will make its way to mobile are games franchised by PlayStation, such as Boku no Natsuyasumi, Doko Demo Issho, and Parappa the Rapper.

These games, however, will be available only in Japan and there are no confirmation yet when they will be released globally. With Sony and Nintendo intending to capture the mobile market, many are waiting when will Xbox join in the fray. There's also the question who will emerge victorious as Sony and Nintendo elbow themselves against each other. So far, the lovable mechanic in a red jumper seemed to arrive first and capture the market.

For sure, it's going to be an interesting time for the gaming industry next year and not just for mobile.

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