Will The 'Xbox Scorpio' Have Better Games Than The 'PlayStation 4'?

The Xbox Scorpio has a total of 6 teraflops GPU power, a native 4K resolution capability, and it could probably be the most powerful console ever. However, the PlayStation 4 Pro still edges Microsoft in another criterion. That is the quality of game titles that available for players.

Xbox Scorpio needs more games

While the concept of being able to run the most demanding visual qualities that the gaming world can offer, the Xbox Scorpio needs to close up on the huge gap in terms of games themselves. The PlayStation 4 Pro is a mid-generation console that is bad neither. What Microsoft boasts as Xbox Scorpio's incredible power was answered by Sony in another aspect.

The PS4 Pro is also a powerful console

Gamers can't deny that though the Xbox Scorpio is really quite tempting, the PlayStation 4 Pro is also a force to be reckoned with as well. A lot of the games that are available through the PlayStation 4 Pro support are also looking amazingly cool at an upscaled 4K and seamless 30-60 framerate. Here's another catch, Microsoft recently confirmed the missing of Xbox Scorpio game exclusives, as per reports. Rather, some titles from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 might be receiving updates to warrant backward compatibility. Now the question is, how will it differ from the currently existing games?

The PS4 Pro will be loaded with games

Now let us think about those titles that the PlayStation 4 offers next year and compare them to the blank Xbox Scorpio lineup: Kingdom of Hearts HD 2.8, Digimon World: Next Order, Nier Automata, and other highly-anticipated games are lining up towards the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Both have different strengths

If we look at the titles offered on the Xbox Scorpio, they are multi-platformers and not even exclusives. Which means most games that can be purchased through the Microsoft Store can also run on the PlayStation 4 Pro or the PC. So all in all, despite the massive power and amazing capabilities that the Xbox Scorpio can offer, the PlayStation 4 Pro can still compete with it through their incredible line up of highly-anticipated games.

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