Atari Games Can Be Played Within Minecraft Via Command Blocks

YouTube personality SethBling has successfully emulated the classic Atari 2600 within Minecraft. It shows that anyone can cleverly make use of the game's command blocks. This serves as the main brains of the operation.

At this point of the article, it is advised not to get too excited. While the YouTuber provided a tool to play Atari ROMs into Minecraft, it is important to note that the game will run at 60 frames per 4 hours, not seconds. It simply means that the game will run very slow and will take the patience out of anyone and just rage quit.

On the bright side, players and enthusiasts can think of this as a project to explain how games are made. Imagine setting everything up in slow motion that everyone can now understand how things work.

SethBling has prepared an arrangement of more than 2,000 command blocks within his design. Stone and dirt are read as ones and zeroes so when an Atari game is being 'emulated' into Minecraft it resolves as a 4 kilo-block chunk of land, in turn, this represents a 3D view of a raw code.

Doing this proves to be an awesome way to visually represent the very confusing world of programming. As you can see on the video below this article, SethBling would sculpt the blast shields from a game called Space Invaders on the cart before they are being sent into the Atari 2600's screen by painstakingly editing them with in-game hands.

It is now easy to realize how a teacher could use SethBling's tools which is capitalizing on the familiar world of Minecraft so that kids can understand and pay attention better. A deeper technical explanation is also available and you can download the world created by SethBling to play around. Check out the video below:

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