iPhone's Occipital Bridge AR/VR Headset: First Look Review

Virtual reality is a trending topic, especially for this year. Tech analysts even believe that this virtual reality platform trend will continue next year and the years to come. But have you heard about "mixed reality"?

Apparently, there is a new VR headset in town, the Occipital Bridge headset which is said to feature mixed reality. This $399 headset combines reality and virtual reality. It is created for the iPhone 6, 6s and 7, but it can also work for iPads too. The Bridge is not any typical VR available in the market right now, because unlike its competitors, this device uses depth sensing camera that kind of works likes Google's Tango and Microsoft's Hololens.

The Design

Based on the video source, the first thing the viewers will notice is its cool and elegant design. Its main body is colored in white and there is some kind of black sensor attached to the top of the main body and is connected via cable. At the front, there is a camera located on its top right. While on the side, there are two straps: one is a white rubber/plastic strap and the other is a thick black rubber strap. It's also said to be lightweight, but the video source did specify or give numbers.

About Its Remote

The Bridge has a remote, just like any other VR headset available in the market right now. The gray remote has a gyroscope and some buttons to control some of the features of the Bridge headset. About what are the uses of the buttons, the source did not show. Also, based on the source, the remote was just a prototype and its final design will soon be unveiled.

What Features Does It Have?

The Bridge mixes reality and virtual reality. The first thing the user must do is to let the device scan the room and map a 3D space. Once done, the user can put virtual robots and fake furniture that can only be seen through the headset. Kinda like having a third-eye or having your own imaginary world or friends come to life only through your eyes.

About The Virtual Pet

The Bridge has a featured virtual robot called Bridget. This robot is programmed to do many things like navigating through obstacles, playing fetch, and even interacting with real objects. Also, one great thing about Bridget is that the people behind the creation of this lovable robot confirmed that they will be adding more features to Bridget to further its level of sophistication and interaction with the user and its surrounding.

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