Niantic To Announce Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Next Week?

It seems day by day, Niantic is making things a little bit interesting for Pokemon GO players. Just recently, a new formula for Prestige was introduced. Add to that some updates for bug fixes and small features. Heck, there were even partnerships being made. It's safe to say that the studio is always on the roll. And now, the developer might finally announce the arrival of Gen 2 update next week.

According to Forbes, both Niantic and The Pokemon International Company are set to release the details pertaining to the addition of more creatures to the titular mobile game. It's worth noting that just few weeks ago, there's a leak about Starbucks having some sort of partnership with the studio. That together, they're going to unleash events introducing the arrival of more Pokemon.

The publication also states that the rumored Starbucks deal promises a promotional line that says, "More Pokemon are coming to Pokemon GO." Sure, one could say that the store just misprinted or something; however, it's also ridiculous not to consider it as a hint. That, in one way or another, it means something significant.

It could be that Niantic is really about to add more species. These could either be the common ones or the Legendaries (the 3 birds and Mewtwo, all of which are yet to be in the game). Or perhaps, this will only include the reported 100 Pokemon coming.

Sure, adding the Legendaries and Mewtwo will mean something big to Pokemon GO. However, the quantity is just not acceptable. After all, why would the studio go further as having partnerships with Starbucks and Sprint, right? So, it means that something really huge is going to happen. And in that case, the company would want to see more people going outside and playing the game.

Simply put, the announcement next week for the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update will mean the arrival of 100 more species. This decision is also the most feasible one. Why? That's because Niantic would want to maximize the new deals they've made with the aforementioned companies. The next update will definitely boost the engagement within the community. And the more people are celebrating (playing the game), the better for these deals to generate money.

What are your thoughts on Gen 2 arriving to Pokemon GO soon? Do you also agree that the addition of 100 more Pokemon is a better move than introducing the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo? Share us what you think at the comment section below!

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