J.J. Abrams To Release New Space Drama On HBO After 'Westworld' Series

“Westworld” is clearly the talk of the town nowadays with its fresh new story. The series brought viewers into a whole new world combined with an immersive story that centers on intriguing characters. One of the creators of the said series has opened up on his future plans.

J. J. Abrams, one of the executive producers of the popular “Westworld” series, have revealed that he is planning to make a brand new series. Still focusing on science fiction, the planned series will be based on space drama. Abrams is said to be delving in to this familiar territory and will release it on HBO soon.

It seems like Abrams have already formed up a team and is working on the upcoming series, which has been titled “Glare”. “Glare” will have a story that explores the colonization of the planet. The series is planning to produce and release hour-long episodes.

It has also been further revealed that though the series will be aired on HBO, the space drama series, “Glare” will be produced by Warner Bros. Television. The production for “Glare” is reportedly still in its early development as the script has just been completed and secured. Abrams and HBO have yet to announce more details pertaining the release date, cast, and more about the series.

J. J. Abrams is a renowned American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is known for making stories that explore the genres of action, drama, and science fiction. He started working in the entertainment industry as early as 1982 and still writes great stories until now.

Aside from “Westworld”, he is famous for his works such as “Felicity”, “Alias”, “Lost” and “Fringe”. Abrams won two Emmy Awards for “Lost”, a suspense series that aired on ABC from September 2004 to May 2010. Aside from television series, he has worked on movies as well such as “Star Trek” in 2009, “Mission: Impossible III” in 2006, and the smash sci-fi hit, “Super 8”, which premiered in June 2011.

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