Games You Can Play While Taking A Poop

Taking a poop? Why not bring your device with you? That way you'll do multi tasking like hitting the high score and flushing it afterwards. Photo : lonniedos / YouTube

Early in the morning you go to the bathroom and think of stuff. Honestly this is the time most of my awesome ideas are conceived. While waiting though, it would be much nicer to play some games with your phone while doing your early morning release session.

Holding that thought, I've come to realize that maybe there are some games out there worth playing for a few minutes and it's completely okay to put them down once done with the bathroom business. And I was right; there are a few games that are ok to pickup and drop anytime which are worth your time. Here they are.

Crossy Road

If you're familiar with Frogger, then you'll love this game. Hipster Whale has captivated its essence and came up with Crossy Road. A game that features a chicken that you need to guide to cross busy roads, streams with crocodiles and stuff, and railroads with trains. As usual, the further you go, the higher your score, so your enemy is just really yourself.

Or if you want it more competitive, you can post your score on Twitter and brag about it with your friends who are also taking their poop at the same time you are. Seriously, the graphics are awesome and the leaderboard is quite competitive so you might want to stay in the bathroom for a while. Crossy Road is available in both iOS and Android.

Peggle Blast

Originally ressembling a pachinko game, this game evolved into an awesome mobile game. Players doing their business in the bathroom need to shoot a limited number of balls to a bunch of clustered pegs. The goal is to hit all pegs before you run out of balls. Peggle Blast is ideal for quick play and its goal system is pretty much Candy Crush Saga. Each level has unique goals and corresponding rewards. The game can be played with one hand too so you can wipe yourself as you finish a session.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

While sitting on the toilet, you might as well imagine sitting on a racing seat. From there you can blaze your way through awesome race tracks in Asphalt 8: Airborne. The game gets you in the zone that you forgot you've already 'finished', so be warned. Buclke up and rev those engines, flush the bowl afterwards, okay?


'Save the last humans.' This is the intro statement from the game. It's a side-scrolling space ship shooter that would make you want to stay longer in the bathroom because you want to save all those captured humans. Despite that, Resogun is pretty okay when it comes to pickup and play type of gaming. Each stage might take you 5 to 10 minutes so if you're tummy is quite full, then this is the game you want in the bathroom. You can play this via PlayStation Vita, by the way, don't bring your PS4 and TV in the Bathroom.

What's your favorite bathroom video game? Tell us on the comments section below. In the meantime, keep it here, and keep gaming. Below is a video about a video game specifically designed for your toilet time, check it out. Don't drop that device into the bowl.

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