Dying Light Devs Hire Former Witcher And Gwent Designer To Create An Open World Fantasy IP

The person mostly responsible for The Witcher and the design for Gwent, Damien Monnier, has landed himself a new job, and it's not far from his roots. Monnier just got himself a position at Techland, Dying Light's developer from Poland, as the lead designer for an upcoming IP.

Monnier will be handling the brand new IP which Techland announced last May. Techland actually has two upcoming IP's one seems like Dying Light 2 and the other one is a mystery which Monnier will handle. The game is an open-world showered with RPG and fantasy elements. It also will cater both single player and online co-op.

This type of game perfectly fits Monnier since he had a lot of experience making The Witcher series from 2012 up to the latest title. Also, the team for the open-world fantasy IP is located in Warsaw, pretty much convenient for Monnier. CD Projekt Red is also from the same place.

Monnier was a the senior gameplay designer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's development. He then became the lead designer for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game which is in closed beta status. Before he joined Projekt Red, Monnier worked as game and level designer at Sony. He was assigned at Evolution Studios, developer of Drive Club and Motor Storm.

Techland had a dialogue with Eurogamer, as posted at PCGamer.com, and said that they are extremely excited to welcome all the recent members of the Techland family. They have big ambitions for their next game developed internally. Techland also elaborated on their members' ingenious ideas, skills, and knowledge to become a reality.

"...we're extremely excited to welcome all the recent additions to the Techland family.

"...We've got really big ambitions for our next internally developed games ... people with ingenious ideas as well as the skill and knowledge to bring them to life..."

The reason why Monnier left CD Projekt Red is not yet publicized as of this writing but it is said that it is more likely a mutual decision and there were no arguments about anything.

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