Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Miss Out Some Of Its Most Expected Features

The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 has been facing a lot of troubles in the last hours since it has been known that two of its most expected features might not be released. This could mean a huge setback for Samsung´s intentions of releasing a groundbreaking device to make customers forget about the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Would Not Use Curved Screen

According to Express, one of the features that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could ditch is the curved screen, since there´s a lack of customers´ demand for dual-edge screens, even when there were positive reactions at the moment where the rumors regarding this feature were published in social media around the world.

Regarding this situation, the analyst Choo Dae-young explained that this unexpected lack of demand might be because there are many consumers who still find non-flat screens as an inconvenient feature since it´s quite easy to accidentally touch the sides of the mobile device whilst handling it. Given this fact, it´s unknown which could be the users' reaction if the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes without the curved screen.

The Flagship Would Not Use The Viv AI Because Of Google

As reported by Tech Radar, the other feature the Samsung Galaxy S8 wouldn't have is the Viv AI assistant, since the search giant Google has blocked the release because of its licensing deal, allowing the South Korean company to use the new Google Assistant included in Android Nougat in its flagships. Of course, this situation represents a delicate issue for Samsung, since the original goal was to use Viv to make the smartphone more intelligent when making search and discoveries.

Naturally, the South Korean company could use this AI on Tizen devices as the Gear S3, but considering that the intention was to use it on the Samsung Galaxy S8, a strong response from the world largest smartphone maker is expected, considering how much money it invested on Viv. A battle between both giants is quite likely to happen since Samsung is aware that this situation would harm the new flagship.

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