PlayStation UK Magazine Reveals Resident Evil 7 Major Spoilers; Inventory System, Items, Zombie Enemy, And More

Capcom recently released a demo version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard to Xbox One and PlayStation, and now on PC. Due to its popularity as a highly anticipated horror game, RE7 became the cover story of PlayStation Magazine released as a hard copy in the UK. The content of the RE7 article reveals major spoilers of the game including its inventory system, weapons, items, enemy type, and even scenes.

Resident Evil 7 Scenes And Gameplay Sneak Peek

The article revealed some scenes in the game including Ethan being knocked out in an attic and wakes up in the famous Baker's Dinner scene, about 45 minutes into the game. During that dinner scene, Ethan gets his teeth pulled out but apparently leaves Ethan alone once a phone rings. This is Ethan's chance to escape. As the game progress, players will realize that the only way forward is by following the family where they're headed.

Chemicals in Resident Evil 7 comes in yellow and red and will create new items when combined with different elements - healing items when combined with herbs, ammo with gunpowder, and even perks if combined with pills. The grenades and launcher ammo has different essences including poison and incendiary. The inventory system is similar to Resident Evil 4 where you can get pocket increases as you play.

Resident Evil 7 Major Spoiler: First Boss Fight

The first fight occurs with Jack in the garage where you shoot him but it's difficult to take him out so you have to find a different method to defeat him. PS UK Magazine's way of defeating him was searching for car keys around then taking control of a car and begun running him over until he passed out. However, Capcom employee cited other methods, saying there are multiple ways to survive the fight.

Resident Evil 7 Zombie-Type: Moulded

There is an enemy called "Moulded" that looks like zombies come out anywhere with black slime on walls and floors. Mouldeds chase you in packs but you can lock them out inside a room since they can't open doors. You can lock them up and return once you got better weapons to kill them all.

Resident Evil 7: Stunning Graphics

According to the article, the setting of the game is stunning as it is finely detailed from furniture to old newspapers and even the ticking of the clock. RE7 is definitely one of the most impressive games in terms of graphics that runs in HDR mode for 4k on PS4 Pro. The game has very realistic environment which adds thrill and terrifying aura to players.

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