Resident Evil 7 Update: Demo Version Is Now Live On Xbox One

Months have passed since the demo version of the upcoming horror-survival game title from Capcom hits the PlayStation 4. It was first announced that the Beginning Hour demo was exclusive to PlayStation 4 owners, however, it was revealed yesterday that Resident Evil 7 demo version is now live for the Xbox One and will also be offered to the PC afterwards.

According to Game Rant, Xbox One owners who have not experienced the Beginning Hour demo yet would do well to download it for it is not only free, however, it would also cost you a massive 3.64 GB of hard space. In addition, the teaser has hinted that the upcoming game title would differ completely from its predecessors. As it was previously reported, fans would take on the role of the game's protagonist in first-person view.

While both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners are able to experience Resident Evil 7's Beginning Hour demo, PC players are still going to wait for a little bit more. However, it would not be long as it was revealed that PC platform would receive the demo via Steam on Dec. 19.

It would not be too soon enough for all the slated platforms of Resident Evil 7 to experience the attempt to escape and survive from the creepy and paranormal Baker family's decrepit, ramshackle manor with their lives in tow. Apparently, it was reported that the PlayStation VR would receive its own demo version. In addition, since PlayStation 4 was given the short version of the demo, both PC and Xbox One players are expected to be able to reach one of Beginning Demo's two separate endings when they will play the game.

With fans given a chance to play the demo, gaming enthusiasts expect that it would greatly affect the title's sales leading to a more positive trend on its launch day next year. Capcom is confident that the upcoming game will sell out well in the market as they have estimated Resident Evil 7's sales to reach 4 million units on day one.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release on Jan 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS VR and Xbox One.


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