Capcom Released Creepy TV Trailer For Upcoming Resident Evil 7

Capcom has released another creepy trailer for the upcoming horror-survival game Resident Evil 7. As of now, Capcom has launched several promotional materials for Resident Evil 7, however, most of them are only accessible by fans online.

 The new trailer is a 30-second video advertisement that showcases creepy time-lapse visuals and brief segments of gameplay for the future game title dedicated for TV audiences.

According to the report from Game Rant, aside from Capcom setting a deliriously creepy mood with a rendition of the song "Go Aunt Rhody," the studio is set to give TV viewers a preview into the horrors that will happen within the walls of the dilapidated mansion of the Baker family. In fact, the latest trailer mostly revolves around the game's main character as he attempts to escape from the hands of Jack Baker, the patriarch of the previously mentioned paranormal hillbilly clan.

Even though the new trailer brings an enjoyable hair-raising experience, it does not depict any new information regarding the game title. Apparently, given that Capcom has used its resources to produce a video clip in the middle of the month, it should be a sign that the Resident Evil 7's release date is now getting closer. As calculated, there is less than two months for the new horror-survival game to hit the stores.

The demo version of Resident Evil 7 entitled Beginning Hour is now available to download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 while for PC gamers, they will receive the demo this coming Dec. 19. With Capcom's continuous campaign in promoting the game, it is quite possible for the company to achieve its sales goal as it was predicted that fans will be swayed by all of the promotional announcements made available up until now.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 7's financial success is still in question. However, it is safe to say that fans are extremely hyped up to experience what the full game has to offer. The demo version has previously set the record for the most downloaded single-player demo on PlayStation 4. With this success, people are hoping that Capcom can deliver the full game well.

Resident Evil 7 is scheduled for release on Jan 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS VR and Xbox One.

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