NBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel Going To Boston Celtics? D’Angelo Russell To Milwaukee Bucks?

The name of Nerlens Noel has been recently mentioned in a number of NBA trade rumors. Perhaps his being vocal about his disappointment with the Philadelphia 76ers has sparked these speculations. But he also appeared the odd-man-out in a team that finds it hard to give enough playing time to another big man. There are three big men in the team and all of them had issues with injuries.

Noel's Time With The 76ers Is Limited

Now that Noel has apparently recovered and poised to return to his squad, his minutes might still be restricted. The other two, Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid, are also restricted in their playing time. But Noel appears to be unhappy with the way his team is dealing with his return. Now, NBA trade rumors have linked him again to the Boston Celtics.

Although the Celtics have been considering Noel for some time, nothing is finalized yet. Noel could be a good fit for the young Celtics team. Comcast SportsNet News also mentioned that Noel is originally from Massachusetts, but that aspect does not seem to matter so much in the trade deal. Nevertheless, the NBA trade rumors are implying that that could be one reason for Noel himself to join the Celtics.

Russell Might Be Traded By The Lakers

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that D'Angelo Russell might be traded by the LA Lakers to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Lakers have a 10-10 record on their first 20 games, and that surprised many hoops analyst since the team has been struggling for the last 3 seasons. But after that, they have lost 8 games consecutively, sparking some NBA trade rumors that involve Russell.

Russell's current performance in the current season is nothing to be ashamed of. And yet, his name crops up in some NBA trade rumors because of his team's lackluster performance. For instance, a report from HNGN indicated that a trade deal is being discussed between his team and the Milwaukee Bucks. If this deal pushes through, Russell might be packing his bag and head to Milwaukee. The Bucks, in return, will give Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe to the Lakers.

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