Binge Watch On Popular Movies Adapted From Video Games For The Holidays

Binge Watch On Popular Movies Adapted From Video Games For The Holidays
Just want to take a break from world during the holidays and binge watch movies? Then check out some of the movies any gamers would want to watch during the holidays! Photo : Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

With the holidays giving people lots of time off from work and other responsibilities just to take a break and enjoy the vacation with family and friends, there are lots of things to do such as catching up with video games backlogs, visiting new places, checking off the bucket list, and even simply watching movies. Every gamer knows that there has not been a movie adapted from a video game that has been as good as the original story, nonetheless still enjoyable. Here are some few movie titles inspired from video games that anyone would surely want to watch.

Classic Film Adaptations Of The “Resident Evil” And “Tomb Raider” Video Game Series

When it comes to video games turned into movies, no one would forget the one that starred veteran actress, Angelina Jolie, who portrayed the role of the tough archeologist, Lara Croft in two action-packed film productions released in the early 2000s. Though both movies namely “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” were met mostly with negative views, it still fared well in the box office with Jolie being highly commended for her portrayal of the female protagonist. According to various reviews, both movies lacked in the story department but made up for the nonstop jaw-dropping action sequences. A reboot of the movie adaptation is in the works and has been set to star Alicia Vikander and will also be released in March 2018.

Tilting towards adventure but this time clouded in horror, avid gamers can watch the film adaptation of the “Resident Evil” video game series. The film adaptation series starred Milla Jovovich as Alice, a new character created and introduced for the film just so the rest of story of “Resident Evil” can be put into place without having to go through the agony of choosing which video game protagonist to use in the adaptation. The series has six movies of which the final installment, titled “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” is set to release in cinemas all over North America on Jan. 27 next year. Following the game’s plot, the film centers on a protagonist who teams up with some of the video game’s original characters and sets off on a quest for survival against a zombie apocalypse.

Movies Based On Popular Video Games Released This Year

This year has been quite eventful and has seen more video games turned into movies as well. One of the notable releases this year include “Warcraft”, which was released in June 2016. A movie adapted from the popular mainstream online multiplayer game by Blizzard Entertainment boasting of several playable heroes, it revolves around the backstory of the relationship between races of orcs and human beings. Despite receiving divided reviews for its story and presentation of the characters, the film is still a treat for avid players of the “Warcraft” video game franchise.

The latest and final movie inspired from video games released this year is “Assassin’s Creed”, which premiered in the United States just this Dec. 21. Starring Michael Fassbender, it follows the story of a man heading towards a journey of learning his roots and becoming one of the deadly assassins. The film adaptation was highly anticipated thanks to the awesome trailers it released beforehand showcasing the signature moves from the video game series, which includes climbing tall structures, stellar combat, and jumping from unbelievably high places after scouting a city.

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