Leaning Towards AI: Apple's First Research Paper On AI Released

Recently, Apple surprised the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Community by announcing the release of its very own artificial intelligence paper. This is definitely a huge step taken by the multinational technology company, stirring great excitement. Keeping its word, Apple just released its first paper last week which has lived up to its hype given the findings that it included.

Focusing on techniques and strategies to enhance and progress the training of an algorithm's ability to identify images using visual images, the artificial intelligence paper marks a great milestone achieved by the company. The paper also details that synthetic image data's use is limited since it cannot be always applied and generalized to real life images and situations.

It also described the use of synthetic images for neural activities and enhancement to be more useful than real life images. This is because synthetic data is pre-labeled but the human images need to be annotated and labeled exhaustively. According to Tech Times, the authors and co-authors on board with this highly celebrated paper are all renowned personalities holding degrees from leading global institutes or have their own startups.

With new, improved and revised versions of previous models and techniques, the crew is doing its best to obtain photorealistic pictures. To counter the lack of realism on synthetic data's part, these research efforts have devised methodologies to make the system more realistic.

Since long Apple was looked down with suspicion by the Artificial Intelligence Community, due to its secretive nature and refusal to disclose the plans. This also led to problems in the recruitment of experts and technologists for the paper, according to Forbes.

With this new announcement and release, Apple is back in the good books and is greatly appreciated for putting in efforts towards developing AI technology. Moreover, this increased trust between them is also helping the company acquire latest software and technologies for its artificial intelligence program from AI Community.

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