Amazon Echo At An Impasse With Google Home In AI Battle

In recent years, technology has seen a remarkable boom in research regarding developing innovative technological measures in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), in particular. The recent year marked one of the most advanced ones for this field, with the launch of the Voice AI.

Including these new AI devices, is the Amazon Alexa: that is a smart speaker that acknowledges the voice commands. Not just that, it also plays music and helps to control different routine activities in one's home. However, quite recently, it has faced major competition from Google Home.

Tech Times News Inc explains the features of both in detail. Google Home has a full backup plan to support the data and company's search engine. This particular feature of Google Home is giving vigorous competition to Amazon Echo and has made it a fierce competitor in the market.

However, apart from the competition, both of them offer some qualitative features as well that are innovative and advanced in both their capacities. Speakers of both of these are quite nice and offer superb features that one is compatible with the existing system he or she is using.

Home offers an additional feature that allows one to control the television as well. A pretty amusing thing both of this offer is that they can tell jokes and respond with funny and hilarious lines. Alexa has been existing in the market from a quite a time now as compared to Google, which is why it has a solidified brand image.

But according to Fox News, Google Home is the winner of the battle. They have made the statement by the features that it is offering. Alexa is offering more "fun" features, but Google gives one ability to control the TV and group speakers, which keeps it one step ahead!

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