‘GTA 6’ Rumors And Leaks: Upcoming Game Setting In Miami, New York, Texas, Or Vice City? Addition Of Female Protagonist?

The success of Grand Theft Auto 5 cannot be disputed. It is one of the most loved video games in the gaming community. Until now, GTA Online is still being regularly updated by its developer Rockstar North. However, avid fans of the game are asking what's next? They know that there are GTA 6 rumors and leaks that are spreading around suggesting certain changes that will be done to the game.

There A Lot Of Speculations About Changes In The Setting

Some of the GTA 6 rumors and leaks say that there will be changes made in the video game's setting. These rumors led fans of the game to anticipate a new and different location that the characters will be using to move around. But the game developer has not released any concrete details yet regarding this location so fans are left speculating as to where the place will be.

There are some GTA 6 rumors and leaks indicating that it will be in Miami. But some are saying that the characters of the video game will be moving around New York City. Still, others speculate that the video game setting will return to Vice City. So, the place is still up for grabs, until Rockstar decides to release some factual information about the setting of the game.

There Are Also GTA 6 Rumors And Leaks About A New Protagonist

But these GTA 6 rumors and leaks are seemingly not limited to the game setting. These speculations have not spared the characters of the game. There are people suggesting that there will be a new protagonist in GTA 6. This time, it will be a woman. Maybe a statement from Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar North will provide the fans some clues.

Houser framed his statement in the form of a question by asking: will they produce a game with a woman as its lead character in the future? He answered his question by saying that they haven't found the right game for it yet. Does he mean that GTA 6 is not that game? Avid fans of the game will not know if these GTA 6 rumors and leaks are credible or not until Rockstar releases its pertinent details.

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