‘Dragon Quest XI’ Latest News And Updates: Producer Says Game Development Has Already Reached Its Highest Point

The gaming community has been wondering about the current status of Dragon Quest XI. It seems nobody outside of the game developer's company has any knowledge about the stage of the video game's development. This can be expected since the activities related to the project were kept hidden for quite some time.

Recent Developments Will Excite The Fans

Thankfully, there is some recent news regarding the video game that came from the game developer himself. Yosuke Saito, the producer of Dragon Quest XI, provided some leaks in an interview he gave at 4Gamer, a Japanese video game website. The transcript of the interview was given in Japanese, but when translated into English. This is what can be gleaned.

Saito-san stated in that interview stated that Dragon Quest X will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. The game versions for Switch and the PS4 are also being developed. This news will hopefully make the fans of much anticipated video game excited. He also mentioned that the game developments of Dragon Quest XI and NieR: Automata have already reached their climax.

The Game Developer Assures Fans That He Will Complete Dragon Quest XI Soon

Saito assured the fans of Dragon Quest XI that he will make it to the end without letup. But he also said he will try not to collapse. It will be a difficult year in 2017, he added. But he promises to give his best to the project. And then he asked for the fans' help by saying "Please continue to support me. Thank you."

It is indicated from Saito-san's interview that Dragon Quest XI is really at the stage of completion. This was in line with the previous leaks that he gave about its release target within the 30th anniversary of the game series. That particular period will end on May 27, 2017. With this recent development, there is a strong possibility that Dragon Quest XI might be released on or before that date.

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