‘Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News And Updates: Recently Released Update Adds Holiday Pack For Easy AP Gain

Square Enix has recently released the Final Fantaxy XV Holiday Pack that will help players gain AP. By using this update, the rate by which players gain AP will significantly improve. In this video game, players are allowed to learn new and effective abilities or discover new tricks by using the Ascension Grid.

This Trick Can Help Players Gain AP

This grid can unlock fresh nodes with abilities by the use of AP. There are different ways of obtaining AP and one of these is now revealed recently by the game developer. This free holiday DLC game update was released by Square Enix last Dec. 22. It was made accessible to every Final Fantasy XV gamer.

The update is called "New Game Plus." It enables players who have completed the whole story to carry over all the data they have accumulated when they replay the game. A reddit user by the name of paulthepage has shared the trick of how to gain AP through this latest Final Fantasy XV update. He said that a player will need three items: the Warrior's Fanfare, the Blitzer's Fanfare, and the Armigher Accelerator.

How To Use This Trick In Final Fantasy XV

He will also need the Ascension node called Armiger Action. The first step is to go to three valleys with the Shield of the Just in his hands. Then he has to call the dogs and kill them all. But he must first wait for the activation of the battle mode. Good timing is essential at this stage. He must not wait too long or his party might kill the dogs and he will lose AP from warpstrikes.

After killing the dogs, he must activate armiger to obtain +1 AP. Good timing in Final Fantasy XV is also important here. The player must not activate armiger if one dog remains alive. This will waste time and deplete the armiger bar. The best time for activation is when the last dog's orange bar is half-full. If he is successful, he will obtain +1 AP and will not deplete the bar.

Ideally, the player must use this trick at the end of each pack. He will obtain +3 AP since he has an A+ in Offence and Timing. As soon as these numbers are registered in Final Fantasy XV, the player must again call for another dog pack. But he must not wait too long because the dogs may not come until after the Report Card has finished distributing exp.

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