Red Dead Redemption 2 Finally Gets An Official Release Date

It appears that Rockstar Games has made an unconventional approach to the upcoming iteration of the Red Dead Redemption franchise as unlike their previous games that were being released years after its initial announcement, the Red Dead Redemption 2 is now set to be released months only after its first teaser way back in October. Here's everything we know so far.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Release Date

Rockstar Games has been fairly reticent when it comes to giving hints about their upcoming games just as much as how they have been secretive during the 2-year gap between announcement and release of their biggest blockbuster hit, GTA V. And as far as we know, we haven't had any info regarding Red Dead Redemption 2 other than the confirmed release date of the game - which can be seen on their promo stands across various retail outlets.

Based on the promo stand, we can expect that the game is going to be release around September - December of this year which is quite early considering that Rockstar Games usually takes a hefty amount of time whenever they're working on major projects. Given the amount of anticipation that the fans poured during its first teaser, it seems that the developers have realized that it would be wise to close the gap in-between announcement and release which is definitely a huge plus for its ardent fans.

If you can remember, GTA fans were almost discouraged when GTA V was pushed further from its intended released date, from Q2 of 2013 to September of the same year, after nearly 2 years of teasing and anticipation. But now it would seem that Rockstar Games has learned their lesson and is now doubling up their development process with the newest blockbuster-hopeful, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Meanwhile, there are numerous rumors surrounding the upcoming game and one theory goes that it's going to be a sequel to the original Red Dead Redemption. But as far as we are concern, they're all but a bunch of rumors and that until Rockstar Games released yet another teaser, we can only speculate for now.

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