The Best FPS Video Games In 2016 That Will Still Be Big This Year

The Best FPS Video Games In 2016 That Will Still Be Big This Year
Here are the first person shooter (FPS) video games that have been released last year and will still be big hits this year. Photo : Titanfall Official/YouTube

There are countless video games released last year but anybody can say and admit that the ones that stood out were the ones that ventured on the genre of first person shooter platforms. Among the many hopefuls, only a handful of first-person shooter video games withstood the competition and stood out. These popular FPS video game titles are expected to do well even this year.

id Software’s “Doom”

“Doom” is the fourth and latest installment in the video game series and it was released in May 2016, which was almost at the same time with Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch”. “Doom” was another first-person shooter video game that takes players to a unique space adventure, fighting off galactic monsters and many other science fiction stuff they can think off. Despite the lack of promotions, “Doom” still attracted millions of players and great reviews because it was unexpectedly really good.

It was too good that players just can’t get enough of it. The said FPS video game was highly commended for its various campaigns that kept players on their toes as well as the fast-paced gameplay and stellar visuals. This “Doom” video game was hailed as a great comeback for the video game series, making it gain a successful return and reclaiming its name in the gaming industry.

Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch”

There is no doubt that “Overwatch” will reign for a long time as it has already seen tantamount success and favorable receptions since it was released. Four months shy away from its first anniversary, “Overwatch” has become an instant favorite despite just being released because of its easy and socially immersive gameplay.

Blizzard Entertainment released “Overwatch” at a time when other first person shooter video games were already ahead of the competition and making names for themselves. The developer company revealed that the said video game is the first time they will be releasing in a different format. Blizzard Entertainment has been known for its successful online action role-playing games such as the “Diablo” and “World of Warcraft” franchise.

Though “Overwatch” was a new territory for them, it miraculously clicked with millions of fans as its demo even garnered great reviews. With a roster of formidable heroes with various and intriguing backgrounds, Blizzard Entertainment has clearly nailed this one yet again. The said video game continues to attract millions of avid players and regular updates are being released to spice up the gameplay.

Electronic Arts’ “Titanfall 2”

Another FPS video game that unexpectedly blew away the minds of gamers is “Titanfall 2”. The said game was released in October 2016 by Electronic Arts. Despite not achieving its target of profit because it was released too late and against other new first person shoot video games, “Titanfall 2” still garnered highly acclaimed reviews and millions of awestruck gamers.

“Titanfall 2” had a great gameplay with various several campaigns to take on to start with and its stunning visual features that include tons of mechas, which they called Titans, are out made players gave in. Aside from those, the sequel was far more superior from “Titanfall” and fans are happy with the changes. This video game, despite its lackluster, it became a benchmark for FPS video games and was declared by many as the best FPS game of the year, competing with "Doom" for the top spot. 

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