Blizzard Entertainment Punishes ‘Overwatch' Players Exploiting Mei's Ice Wall Glitch; Updates Bug Fix

Overwatch Update: Mei's Annoying Bug Makes The Players Suffer
Recently, Overwatch players noticed a slight bug related to Mei's Ultimate ability. Photo : xLetalis/YouTube

“Overwatch” players nowadays seem to be having the times of their lives with one of Mei’s formidable skills experiencing a glitch. Though some are not happy with it, some few clever ones are actually taking advantage of it. And it seems like Blizzard Entertainment is not happy with this.

Overwatch” is no stranger to glitches and bugs, and for a popular competitive online game, there is no doubt that players will encounter hackers and cheaters as well. The world of “Overwatch” is currently caught in a frenzy with Mei still hanging on with the winter season event as one of her skills, the Ice Wall experiences a glitch. This glitch actually gives players a huge advantage if used strategically.

Mei has been known already to be one of the annoying heroes to go against since she has skills that make her hard to get eliminated despite being frail with low hit points. Now, the latest Ice Wall glitch gets her more rage as the said bug enables players to cast Ice Wall at certain points where they can go around and get out of the map. Now, this is not a strategy to just flee the crossfire but to attack and shoot opponents who are inside the map while Mei is outside the map, safe and out of reach.

Anybody would be infuriated with this especially when a player exploits it to his heart’s content. And this is exactly what happened when players all over the world just had enough and took to the forums to complain about gamers making the most out of the glitch especially during the newly released three-on-three Last Team Standing mode, which many have deemed extremely unfair. Thankfully, their cries for foul did not fall on deaf ears and Blizzard Entertainment has quickly acted on this as soon as they were notified.

One of the directors of “Overwatch”, Jeffrey Kaplan has personally announced that they will be taking actions against those who have used and exploited the glitch with Mei’s Ice Wall skill. With no surprise, he has further stated that once they have tracked down the players who used the glitch to their advantage, they will be permanently banned from the video game. Kaplan has emphasized that exploiting a glitch is no better than hacking and cheating, which Blizzard Entertainment strictly prohibits.

Kaplan has also announced that the glitch with Mei’s Ice Wall ability will be fixed soon as they have finally traced the source of the bug. Though it was difficult finding it, they are hoping to release the fix as soon as possible. But the said fix might go several trials to finally set in.

Blizzard Entertainment released “Overwatch” in May 2016 as its primary first-person shooter (FPS) video game and it has since then gained international recognition after becoming an instant favorite. Prior to the release of the said video game, Blizzard Entertainment has already announced that it will be imposing strict and harsh regulations for any forms of cheating and that they will permanently ban any player caught in any related activity.

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