Chinese Smartphones Are Becoming Samsung´s Worst Nightmare

Over the past years, Chinese smartphones have been conquering emerging markets as Africa and Latin America, while the rest was ruled by the most important brand as Apple or Samsung. Nevertheless, in recent times this situation has come to the point in which the South Korean giant is now facing huge troubles in an important market as India, given the fact that brands as OnePlus or Oppo are about to dethrone Samsung.

Samsung Lost 9 Percentage Point In The Indian Market Share

According to Pocketnow, analysis firm Counterpoint made a research in wich it was revealed that the largest phone maker in the world lost a massive 9 percentage points year-on-year in the Indian market share, which represents a huge problem considering that its top position among the vendor's list is in serious threat. Apparently, the reason of this situation is the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and the great performance of Chinese smartphones as Gionee, Xiaomi or Lenovo, which has impressed the Indian customer with its quality and super-affordable price.

Also, Counterpoint´s research showed that the Chinese smartphones managed to account for more than 50 percent of the whole Indian smartphone market combined, which clearly represent an incredible growth, considering that this last year this figure was just at 19 percent.

Chinese Smartphones Are The Most Popular Devices In The Mid-Range Market

Naturally, this proves that the Chinese smartphones could easily become Samsung´s worst nightmare in short term, given the fact that these mobile devices will offer greater specs and features this year, to the point in which some of these could become flagship killers, as the OnePlus 3.

As reported by Sam Mobile, one of the most incredible detail that Counterpoint´s data revealed is the fact that in the highly competitive $120 to $440 mid-range smartphone market, Chinese smartphones has become so powerful in the last months that it have managed to double their market share to 68 percent, while the South Korean giant declined its market share 14 percentage since November 2015. With mobile devices as the Huawei Mate 10 or the Honor 6X, the Indian market could be conquered by the Chinese smartphones in short term.

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