Could Chinese Smartphones Conquer The Market This Year?

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Although there was a general consideration about Chinese smartphones, claiming that these were bad-quality mobile devices, over the last years these products has become most incredible alternatives for flagships handsets, considering that it offers almost the same specs and features with a super-affordable price. In fact, the improvement has been so incredible that some Chinese smartphones are even better that some of the most outstanding flagships you can get.

This year, many important Chinese smartphone brands are coming to the U.S. market, which seems as the beginning of a new era in the phone business, considering that these mobile devices will become a ferocious competitor for important companies as Samsung or Apple. Give this situation, there were many analysts who believe that these new brands could conquer the market, but the big question is whether this could happen this year or not.

Chinese Smartphones Have Conquered The Emerging Markets

As many studies reveal, the grow of the Chinese smartphones has been so incredible in recent years that Samsung and Apple´s share of the worldwide smartphone market had a major decrease from 42 percent to 33 percent amid the rise of brands as Xiaomi and especially Huawei.

The main reason of this even has been the way in which the Chinese smartphones silently conquered emerging markets as Latin America, Africa and several nations of Asia and Europe, since many customers preferred to buy a cheap mobile device that offers the latest trends, instead of a flagship that would represent a huge blow to their pockets, considering that in many parts of the world, phones as the iPhone or any Galaxy are extremely expensive for many people.

Naturally, this is the reason why so many Chinese smartphones that are not known in the U.S. has the best approval in the rest of the world, which could be a meaningful weapon with which this brand could conquer the market in less than expected, since there´s no better thing as a new player with a successful background.

Chinese Smartphones Will Conquer The US Market Within 5 Years

Although the accusations of copying Apple phones has been said about brands as Xiaomi, it would be almost impossible to compete against a mobile device that offers almost the same as a flagship in a much lower price, even when the brand is not so famous. Of course, extraordinary phones as the Honor 6X or the Huawei P9 represents this particular case, and even when the upcoming iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 could be better smartphones, having a most expensive price would probably end up being its kryptonite against the Chinese smartphones.

Nevertheless, there´s always a brief period of customers´ adaptations to a new brand in a market ruled other players, which mean that even in the best case scenario for the Chinese smartphones, it seems unlikely that they conquer the U.S. market this year. Nevertheless, it´s literally inevitable that this situation will actually happen within 5 years, in which most of the American customers will have a Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, OnePlus, or even an Oppo.

Although this scenario seems impossible, just a few years ago, China´s expansion all over the world is also represented in the phone business, and there´s no kind o measure to stop it, even when Apple or Samsung keeps releasing extraordinary mobile devices. This year, the Chinese smartphones will set a turning point in the history for good.

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