Final Fantasy XIV Update: 3 Biggest Details Before Jan. 17 Release Revealed

The Final Fantasy XIV developers reportedly have Patch 3.5 in the works. It has been revealed that the new patch would pack quality of life upgrades as well as new items and gears. A new Final Fantasy XIV trailer has reportedly been unveiled showing gamers teasers on  The Far Edge of Fate.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 Goes Live On Jan. 17

The forthcoming Final Fantasy XIV patch is slated to bring a number of new contents and features to the game. Square Enix reportedly published a new trailer with a sneak peak of boss fights at Warring Triad. Moreover, the Containment Bay Z1T9 was also revealed in the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 trailer showing players battling against Demon Zurvan.

In addition, Final Fantasy XIV players are expected to get new gears and items. Moreover, side story quests and Beast Tribe Quests may also be added to the game via the new patch. Furthermore, players may get to explore the dragons' holy ground upon returning to Sohm Al.

The Final Fantasy IV 3.5 patch is also slated to feature a new chapter in the storyline of Shadows of Mach. Additionally, exploratory missions, new alliance raid and the primal fight against Zurvan, the only surviving member of the Warring Triad may be expected on Jan. 17, 2017.

The Far Edge of Fate, Realm Reborn's 3.5 Patch Gets A Tease

Meanwhile, the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's upcoming patch preview trailer reportedly runs 8 minutes. It has been revealed that the teaser contains elements coming to Eorzea including the Containment Bay Z1T9. Note that such is the newest Trial coming to the game.
Final Fantasy XIV players may slay Zurvan, the Demon who recently escaped from prison. The patch further packs new glamours for Summoner pets. There are also generic game chases such as improvements to Party Finder so that players from other worlds may recruit and join parties on the same data center view.  Finally, a final 24-player raid of Heavensward, Dun Scaith, the gothic demon paradise island has also been confirmed.


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