Overwatch PTR News: 3 Gameplay Update That Will Change Strategies Tremendously

The Overwatch changes in the killfeed is expected to be the game changer in player strategy. Moreover, Roadhog has reportedly been weakened with a new update. Finally, Tracer reportedly tops the list of Overwatch characters most searched on Pornhub.

Changes To KillFeed May Help Players Strategize

It has been revealed that the biggest quality of life changes that the new PTR patch has done to Overwatch has to do with the killfeed. Note that Overwatch players may now find out how allies did, who got the kill, as well as what ability was effective to get the kill. Hence, teams may better coordinate with each other for a counterattack.

Moreover, Overwatch players may now effectively plan which enemies to target first. This is said to be helpful when trying to rack up the eliminations. Furthermore, esports broadcasters may be able to take note of the exact abilities used to secure kills even when the camera was not focused on a specific player.

In addition, the Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman reportedly noted several changes on Roadhog's Hook 2.0. First off, the hook may no longer pull enemies in a straight line towards him rather, directly in front of him so players may turn to the side to displace enemies. Note that a line of sight check has been added that may break his hook if Overwatch players dash out of sight after getting hit.

Over 2 Million Searches For Tracer On Pornhub's Top 20 Searches in 2016

In other news, Pornhub reportedly revealed their top 20 Overwatch characters searched on the site last year. Note that Tracer got over 2 million searches while D.Va got more than 1.5 million searches. Mercy, Widowmaker and the Overwatch Sombra were also among the Top 5 Searches.

Overwatch Lucio was reportedly the first male character to appear on the list with over 22,000 searches. Note that searches for Sombra have allegedly plenty even before anybody knew what she looked like. Apparently,Junkrat, Zarya, Torbjorn and Zenyatta reportedly did not make it to the Top 20 list from Pornhub.


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