SIMS 4 Vampire Pack Gives You Coffin Beds And Special Powers Before Valentine's Day

A few more weeks and it's Valentine's Day but instead of getting hearts, SIMS 4 is getting a lot of fresh blood as it takes a Halloween theme. Thus, instead of flowers and love quotes, players will have coffin beds and some special powers, which is not a bad trade-off.

EA decided to take the unusual route with SIMS as they announced their Vampire Pack for the game. This will allow players to turn their characters into blood-sucking creatures of the night.

With the Vampires game pack, players will be able to customize their characters into vampires from the physical appearance, the costumes, and down to the special abilities. Therefore, if you want your SIMS character to have paler skin, evil brows, and red eyes, you can choose to do so.

Since these characters are now vampires, they are immortal but you have to make sure their vampire needs and wants are satisfied. That also means you have to have a fresh supply of blood because vampires still need to feed even if they are immortal. Don't worry though because you won't have to hunt down prey all the time. Instead, you can buy your own Plasma Pack or your Plasma fruit.

As vampires, your SIM character also has their special vampire powers which allow them to do different things like turning into a bat or vanishing in thin air. The promotional trailer also shows that you can hypnotize a mortal to do your bidding. However, you will have to avoid the sunlight as any vampire does.

Aside from the characters, SIMS 4 Vampire Pack also introduces a new location called Forgotten Hollow, a creepy town where the nights are longer making it the perfect place for these creatures of the night. Forgotten Hollow is made up of five lots complete with foggy weather and gnarly, decaying trees. According to EA, SIMS 4 Vampire Pack will be available on Jan. 24.

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