Casio Unveils Its 2nd Generation Smart Watch At CES 2017

Casio has launched its second-generation smartwatch WSD-F20 at the biggest tech show of 2017. The smartwatch, which looks somewhat similar to its predecessor, is still focused at outdoor types watches, with low-power GPS and offline maps such that one can use it even without internet connection.

What Does The Smartwatch Feature?

Casio President Kazuhiro Kashiro said, "We're looking for wearable ideas that people will have a reason to use". He also remarked that the company is not looking to make smartwatches for everyone else. He is the second-generation president of the company continuing his family name forward. Since the time he has replaced his father and taken up the position as the president, the company's biggest product launch has taken place after he took over the position.

Casio has entered into a digital watch expertise, adding a secondary low-power monochrome digital watch face that is present on the top of the screen. It is completely indistinguishable from the company's other watch. It does not look awkward but it is not subtle as well. Metallic orange is not the color everyone would love to look at but then if someone would go for black then it is a pretty large and heavy watch.

Insight Into The Future

The company is not necessarily engaged in making something completely new but something that would satisfy the user and solves some major problems. Earlier it has introduced some amazing models of smartwatches like rumblepack game watches, magic-trick watches and even models packing IR temperature senses. The company believes that fact it has huge competition from companies like Apple and its selling well in the market. However, the watch company would like to lead in the way that is able to approach specific needs with every wearable it decides to make in the present and future as well.

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