Watch Dogs 2 News: Pre-Order Mission Is Now Available For Free Trial

Watch Dogs 2 fans are hoping that the pre-order mission will be available to all platforms. Originally, the mission was part of the pre-order bonus by Ubisoft. But the players are shocked after the developer decided to make it free for all PS4 users.

ScoutXpedition Mission In Watch Dogs 2

The ScoutXpedition mission in Watch Dogs 2 will let the players roam around San Francisco because they will be touring a movie scout to see the beautiful places in the city. According to Gameranx, the DLC is considered to bring the game into another level because of its ratings.

The players in North America can download ScoutXpedition in Watch Dogs 2 in PlayStation Network. Ubisoft released the DLC to back-up the patch 1.09 that was released just a few days before. The patch might have something to do with the DLC that is why the developer have decided to make it the available in a short span of time.

As per Game Zone, before the players can try out ScoutXpedition, they must have the base game of Watch Dogs 2. The PS4 players should be reminded with this because they cannot access the mission if they do not have the base game.

Are The Players Happy WIth What Ubisoft Has Done?

The ScoutXpedition mission in Watch Dogs 2 was supposed to be an incentive for those who pre-ordered the game. However, it was not clear why Ubisoft decided to make it accessible for all PS4 users because not everyone pre-ordered it.

Of course, the players who have pre-ordered Watch Dogs 2 are dismayed with what Ubisoft has done. But this is not the first game that its developers have decided to made a certain freebie will be free for all. According to WWG, the developer will not charge unnecessary fee for those who did not pre-order the game.

Good thing for Ubisoft that ScoutXpedition has earned positive feedbacks from the players who have downloaded it in their Watch Dogs 2 game. The players using Xbox One and PC are still waiting if the DLC will be available in their consoles.

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