‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Find And Defeat The Giant Birds Zu And Bennu

Final Fantasy 15: Bennu Boss Fight (1080p 60fps)
The Final Fantasy 15’s Holiday Pack includes Carnival Passport, a well-adorned ticket that gives the owner the access to the carnival. Photo : Boss Fight Database/YouTube

Square Enix has designed more formidable enemies to fight off the vast world of “Final Fantasy XV”. One of the many things to take on the said role playing video game is to take on side quests as well as hunting quests, wherein players will encounter various rare monsters that are actually too strong to fight against in the beginning of the game. Though some may opt to evade encounters with them, others prefer to spar with them to gain experience, rare items, and the rights to brag, of course.

One of the many intimidating foes in “Final Fantasy XV” are the two monstrous birds that Noctis will meet sometime in the game. Following various kinds of quests, the party will encounter the giant bird monsters namely Zu and Bennu. From here on are the locations and the tips on how to defeat the said flying boss daemons.

Find And Defeat Zu In “Feathered Giant of the Firesmoke” Quest

Actually, Noctis and his party can encounter Zu whether or not they are on a quest, so long as they can already head to the Rock of Ravatogh. Taking on the “Feather Giant of the Firesmoke” quest will lead the party to the Rock of Ravatogh. The said hunting quest can be activated from the tipster at the Veinas Mart in Ravatogh and can be taken on anytime.

The location of Zu is way up, opposite of the road taken towards the lava crater, where Prompto took a photo of for a certain photography quest. Zu’s location is the road that leads to the tomb of one of the Royal Arms called the Mace of the Fierce. Zu can be easily spotted as her nest, full of giants eggs, are clearly in the way.

When engaging Zu, make sure to pack on enough potions and Phoenix Down just in case, and equip range weapons. Jumping and warp strikes will do but it will take a toll on Noctis’s MP so make sure Noctis has a gun equipped, Ignis with a lance, and Gladio with a shield to protect Noctis since they'll be needing it with the size of that beast. Aside from the gears, make sure everyone is equipped powerful fire and ice spells and fire-enhanced weapons since Zu is terribly weak against fire and ice.

Zu is at level 67 and has 108,200 HP as well as a strength of 133,100 so watch out for her attacks because they hurt a lot. Zu is immune to Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop so don’t waste time on inflicting status ailments and instead pummel her with physical and magic attacks. Defeating Zu thru this quest will give the party at least 4,000 EXP, a Champion’s Anklet, and 25,300 gil along with item drops that include the rare Zu Tender, Zu Beak, and some lightning spells.

Find And Defeat Bennu In “A Legend Is Born” Quest

Bennu is the giant bird that taunts the Leide region and resides in the cliffs along the roadway heading towards Galdin. The party will first encounter the blue Bennu during one of Dino’s side quests where they had to tiptoe to get a certain rare stone. Bennu is annoying challenging to defeat despite it being at level 55 only.

“A Legend is Born” quest is given to Noctis by Randolph in Lestallum. At level 55, Bennu has 198,300 HP and has a strength of 28,800. Unlike Zu, Bennu is weakest against lightning and fire so make sure to equip gears that can enhance these attributes against the said beast. Apply the said techniques given for fighting Zu and just like Zu, Bennu also swoops down for a stomp attack, which gives devastating damage if caught in it.

Bennu is also immune to Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop. The “A Legend is Born” quest can be carried out anytime and defeating Bennu will give at least 5,230 EXP, a rare item drop of Jet-black Beak, and some lightning spells. Completing the said quest will give the party 8,000 EXP and an Iron Duke item.

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