Final Fantasy XV Will Have Dramatic Updates, Better Social Experience

In his latest interview, Final Fantasy XV's Hajime Tabata said that he is working on various updates and expansions for FFXV. These updates are expected to be dramatic making the game experience much richer.

Before Final Fantasy XV was released last November, there have been a lot of expectations considering the 10 years of work that was spent in the development of the game. When it finally reached the hands of players, there was an air of disappointment because of some missteps in quest formatting and storytelling. However, this does not mean that the game is irredeemable because there is still a lot of possibilities how it can be improved.

True enough, Tabata and Square Enix has further plans for the game. As previously announced, Final Fantasy XV will receive three full story DLC packages in the course of 2017. Some of the upcoming updates that have been announced already will focus on enhancing the social experience of players through a multiplayer expansion, such as the Moogle Chocobo Carnival Event.

However, this is not just the only thing that's coming to Final Fantasy XV. Many Final Fantasy fans are speculating that FFXV might do a Final Fantasy XIV turnaround. It could be remembered that when FFXIV debuted in 2010, fans were divided in their emotions toward the game, just like what's happening now with FFXV. However, it rose to become one of the best performing MMORPG in 2013 because of updates and improvements made to it.

Come 2017, the coming series of updates will bring significant changes in the game that the current game might feel like it was a beta product. One of those will greatly improve Chapter 13 based on the feedback from the community. By then, all we can do is wait or play the game.

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