Amazon's Alexa As Co-Pilot In Elite: Dangerous? Check Out The Details Here

Players have been wishing that they could get some help in flying the spaceship in Elite: Dangerous. Fortunately, one player has managed to use Amazon's Alexa as his co-pilot while playing the game. Although, players need to have the right programs to access their co-pilot.

A 16-Year Old Teen Used Alexa As Its Co-Pilot In Elite: Dangerous

It is easy for the players to have Alexa control their spaceship effectively. Of course, if not for Austin Wilson, other players will be clueless on how to use their personal assistant in playing Elite Dangerous. According to IBTimes, Austin Wilson created two programs in order to integrate the assistant in the game.

The first one is important because it will send the necessary information required for the assistant to create the connection. The next one is a set of codes that will allow the voices of the players to be recognized for Alexa to follow them. Also, the set of codes will help the players to successfully fly the spaceship in Elite: Dangerous.

However, Wilson said that the feature offered by Alexa is limited. He explained that he cannot communicate with the ship just as he wishes to do in Elite: Dangerous. But the feature is very useful because it even stored the information about the progress of each player.

Players Are Ecstatic Having A Co-Pilot In Elite: Dangerous

Players love the idea of having a co-pilot in Elite: Dangerous with the help of Alexa. As per PC Gamer, when players heard that they can control the spaceship by their voice they were overjoyed. Not all games have this feature certainly.

But it seems that Amazon has not yet heard of how Wilson linked Elite: Dangerous in Alexa. Players are thinking that the tech company might add the recently discovered feature in the next generation of assistants it will manufacture.

It looks like flying a spaceship will not be only for one anymore in Elite: Dangerous. Hopefully, players can integrate Alexa into the game without any hassle because this will not only help them in controlling the ship but also it will help them to multitask. Also, if the game will be VR compatible, then this will make the game even more exciting.

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