‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Find All The Secret Fishing Spots

‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Find All The Secret Fishing Spots
Here is a guide on the few secret fishing spots in "Final Fantasy XV" that you can easily miss in the game. Find out where these locations are and fish all you want. Photo : PROJECT LETS PLAY/YouTube

It is almost two months since Square Enix has officially released “Final Fantasy XV” in the markets all over the world and there are still tons of things to try out in the game until now. With the latest “Final Fantasy” installment geared with new features that players can spend countless hours on, one of the most immersive things to do in the game is to go fishing. There are actually secret fishing spots in the game that might have been missed.

Fishing spots are usually found near bodies of waters, of course, where else should they be? But sometimes, one location have more than just one fishing spot and there are other locations that are actually unlikely to be there. Here are the secret fishing spots in the game that can be easily missed since they don’t usually have the signature walkways to designate it.

The Crestholm Reservoir is easily missed and for something that is heavily guarded by the Empire especially with a channel, which happens to be a dungeon full of monsters, no one would suspect that there would actually be a fishing spot somewhere near the gate to Crown City. Head to the left side of the gate and jump off the ledge where wire fences stand tall then head downwards until Noctis reaches a platform facing pipes and a body of (murky) water. Noctis can catch various fish here such as Lucian Carp, Lucian Catfish, and Alstor Bass.

The Vesperpool actually houses more than one fishing spots and to get to these areas, Noctis and his party has to get on their Chocobos and swim to the spots. Yes, a Chocobo can swim and it is very good at it and as a matter of fact does not matter how deep the water gets. The first secret fishing spot area is the Vesperpool Cape, which is just northwest of the regular fishing spot. The second secret Vesperpool fishing spot is in the utmost north, based on the location of the first and regular fishing spot in this place, and this secret spot actually has a fishing merchant situated in it.

The last secret Vesperpool fishing spot the easiest among the three to miss. Unlike this third secret fishing spot, the first two are within a group of islets so just make sure to scout the banks of the lake for them. The third secret spot in Vesperpool is in the east of the regular fishing spot and is simply near the cliff with just a platform to stand on and fish.

The next secret spot is The Archean’s Mirror, which is in one of the many craters near the disc. It is just south of the Cauthess Rest Area, an outpost in the Duscae region. This fishing spot also has a merchant placed in the area and the fish caught differs depending on the time of day Noctis goes fishing.

Most of the fishing spots in “Final Fantasy XV” can be easily spotted but the aforementioned are the ones that anyone would miss unless they explore the deep ends of the game. With Square Enix rolling out a Moogle Chocobo Carnival event by the end of January, hopefully, there will be more fishing spots revealed. The said event can be accessed through the game’s Season Pass, which can be purchased now at digital stores.

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